Embed the power of ContestKit Campaigns right on your website.

Want to see it in action? Check out the demo now!

Check out the Demo

Over the years, ContestKit powered campaigns have generated tens of thousands email leads for our customers. In the past, our giveaways required custom frontend applications to be deployed for each customer. The set up took time and effort.

We were asked time and time again, "Can I run your giveaways on my website?". The answer was always a disappointment.

So we are excited to announce that starting today, you can run our giveaways anywhere you can paste our embed code! We have two different campaign types all geared towards generating repeat traffic, and incentivise sharing with referrals links.

We will also be launching a third campaign type, Spin & Win, very soon.

Lead Form Campaign

Scratch & Win Campaign

All our giveaways feature the same core features.
  • - Daily game interaction generates return traffic.
  • - No performance impact on your site; you won't even notice our embed was there, just lots of new email leads.
  • - Unique Referral link that rewards your users for every sign up they generate.
  • - Registration attribution, know where your users came from when they signed up.
  • - Zero user tracking. We don't send or share any information about your users with anyone, including our self.
  • - Duplicate email sign ups using aliases.
  • - Reduce spam, fake and temporary emails.

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