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ContestKit offers giveaway campaigns with game-changing results

Learn how the Vancouver Whitecaps FC collected over 16,000 emails and grew their list by over 10,000 emails!

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Three unique games to choose from

Harness the power of interactive instant win games. This engaging format will have your users coming back every day to engage with your brand.

Spin & Win

The spin & win game offers a fully customizable prize wheel that can have 6 to 15 segments, users get to spin a wheel every day to win prizes.

Scratch & Win

A highly addictive and satisfying competition that allows users to scratch a virtual card that has generated unbelievable results for our clients!

Press & Win

The press & win game puts the pressure on the user to stop the clock as close to 0.00 without letting time run out. The less time there is on the clock, the better their chances of winning are!

What make us different?

Unlike other services, our campaigns offer your users an engaging experience that puts the power of winning into their hands. Why settle for a boring sign-up form?

Identify fake and fraudulent emails

We make sure the emails we collect are not spammy. We block fake and disposable email providers from signing up to keep your leads high quality.

Unlimited prizes & winners

We don't limit how many winners you can have. Create as many prizes and give them to as many people as you want.

Instant win

Most giveaways ask for an email address and that is the end of the interaction. ContestKit is instantly gratifying and keeps the user coming back for more.

Integrated with the tools you already use!

Sync leads with your marketing & CRM platforms

Your leads are yours to keep. Sync them to Mailchimp, Salesforce, ConvertKit, Exact Target and Campaign Monitor, or export them to your CRM solution of choice.

Brand and customize your microsite

Your ContestKit app can be completely customized to match your brand objectives and requirements. You can bring your own assets, our team can design them for you.

ContestKit Whitecaps scratch and win microsite

Connect with your users wherever they are.

ContestKit is completely mobile first and optimized for devices of all shapes and sizes. Every lead is valuable and we won’t leave a single one behind.

When you grow your list, you grow your reach and earning potential

Learn how Justin Jackson grew his list by 321 new subscribers and turned that into pure profit!

Identify and reward influencers

Influencers can increase their probability of winning by sharing their unique referral link with their network . Each referral gets them extra credits to play. Other campaigns indirectly punish their influencers by diluting their chances of winning with every new referral.

  • 4x
    Robyn F.
    • Daily Credits 15
    • Avg. Session 1:34
    • Referrals 12
  • 7x
    Aubrey G.
    • Daily Credits 26
    • Avg. Session 1:41
    • Referrals 23

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Giveaway campaigns with game-changing results

ContestKit is instantly gratifying, keeps users coming back every day, and delivers staggering results that speak for themselves.