All the tools to you need to run your giveaway campaigns.

ContestKit makes running giveaways unbelievably easy. Get your giveaway set up within minutes. Fine tune your campaign using advanced features that let you control every aspect.

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Embed a lead campaign on your website

Our embeds fit effortlessly into any website without impacting page loads or looking out of place, all while respecting your users privacy.
With our customizable referral and award system, we'll increase traffic to your website and encourage return engagement.

  • Customize the theme.

    Customize the look and feel and match your brand. Collect the information you want, and customize the labels and placeholder text.

  • Customize the sign up form.

    Pick the information you want to collect and customize the labels and placeholder text to make it yours.

  • Collect campaign data with custom URLs

    By adding campaign parameters to the giveaway pages, ContestKit can collect information about the overall efficacy of those campaigns, and help understand where campaigns are more effective.

  • Copy, paste & you're done.

    Copy & paste your campaign giveaway code and paste it where you’d like to display your campaign. That’s it!

  • Preview your giveaway for free.

    That's right, you can work on and build your giveaway campaign and test it on your site, all without any payment or commitment.

  • Built in referrals and collect campaign data

    Unique referral link that rewards your users for every sign up they generate.

Grow your social media presence with a Twitter contest

Our automated Twitter contests are the perfect choice for growing your Twitter audience. Schedule your tweet, set your prizes, the number of winners and let us do the rest.

  • Schedule and forget.

    Schedule your tweet and set your contest end date. You won't have to worry about tracking notifications and collecting entries. We've got you covered.

  • Create your prizes.

    Add as many prizes as you want and let us know how many winners to pick for each.

  • Automatically close and notify you.

    Once your Twitter contest is over, we'll pick all your winners and let you know the results are ready.

  • We enforce some basic rules.

    Optionally set some rules for your Twitter contest. Require the winner to follow your account and ensure the RT still exists on their timeline.

The stats speak for themselves

We ran a Twitter contest to see how much we could grow our following. At the start of the giveaway the @ContestKit Twitter account had 118 followers. By the end of the giveaway, we had over 670 followers and received 87K impressions on our tweet.

Total Impressions

Access to every feature with no limitations.

Run unlimited campaigns with a subscription, or pay as you go with our per campaign pricing.

Twitter RT Contests

$ 19 /per campaign
  • Unlimited winners and prizes.

  • Require winner follow your account.

  • Auto pick winners.


Scratch & Win giveaways

$ 29 /campaign
  • Unlimited winners and prizes.

  • Customized scratch card graphics.

  • Customizable referral & email verification award system.

  • Instant win prizes.

Lead Form Contests

$ 19 /per campaign
  • Unlimited winners and prizes.

  • Custom theme & sign up form.

  • Customizable referral & email verification award system.

Get full access to unlimited campaigns
all for one monthly price.

$29 /month

Subscribing to ContestKit is a no-brainer if you want to grow your audience. It's simple to use, and it takes away all the pain of running a contest yourself.
I've used this fantastic service with success to attract subscribers to Oh Dear, and boost the sales of Mailcoach. I'll run some more contest using ContestKit in the future for sure!

Freek Van der Herten
co-owner Spatie and digital creator

ContestKit is awesome for running contests! Setup your giveaway, schedule a start and end date, and then let it do it's magic. I've not seen a simpler solution to giveaways.

Eric L. Barnes
Laravel News

We more than doubled our audience by using ContestKit. It’s the simplest way of creating a social-driven competition and I’ll be using it going forward.

James Brooks
Happy Dev

I ran a Twitter and lead form campaign at the same time for Invoker's launch via ContestKit and it really kickstarted my sales. I will definitely use it again!

Boris Lepikhin
Founder, Invoker

Frequently asked questions

Can users enter with Facebook or Twitter?

No, and for a good reason. By adding Facebook and Twitter entry options it introduces possible load time and performance impacts to your website as well as subjecting your users to their trackers.

Wait, why would I pay to run a Twitter giveaway when there are free tools?

100% there are free tools, but those tools are at the mercy of the Twitter API rate limit. Twitter will only show you the 100 most recent RT's.
ContestKit, however, will ensure every RT is a valid entry making sure that our giveaways are fair and ethical and not limiting you should your tweet get more than 100 RT's

Am I limited to where I can embed my contest?

No, you can embed the same giveaway in as many websites or pages as you want. This is helpful if you're working with influencers or partners that have their own websites. You can also use URL parameters in the embed code we provide you to attribute sign-ups to each unique embed location.

Does the embed work with adblockers?

Yes! Not only does our embed not get impacted by adblockers, it even works in the strictest privacy-focused browsers like Brave and Ungoogled Chrome.

Am I limited to how many Twitter accounts I connect in ContestKit?

No. You can connect as many Twitter accounts as you want and run as many giveaways as you want.

Can I run more than 1 Twitter contest at a time using the same Twitter account?

You can run 30 simultaneous giveaways using the same Twitter account. This limit is set to ensure that you stay within the API rate limit.

I work with a team, can we all have access to the same account?

Yes, we support teams and team subscriptions with access to multiple accounts via a single login that can allow you to keep all your campaigns separated and organized. To access these features, send us an email or message and we will get you set up.

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